Friday, June 11, 2021

Secession Was Not About Slavery

 Original in the possession of the Minnesota Historical Society.(Should be returned.)

First some context. The South did not secede to “preserve and extend slavery.” Its “pro-slavery“ arguments were not in response to any major political party in the antebellum period calling for emancipation. There was none! Southern secession was a result of 70 years of defending itself against Northern economic exploitation, Northern unwillingness to abide by Constitutional mandates and restraints, and a more recent Northern inclination to centralize sovereignty in the general government.  Slavery issues were only the latest “occasions” regarding Northern Constitutional infidelity. Therefore slavery issues were a derivative of a more fundamental concern over the North’s history of disregard for the Constitution in its quest for political and economic control of the US. 

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  1. The war of Northern Aggression was nothing about slavery. I
    read long ago it was about Tariffs - the North was screwing
    the South. The North couldn't let those valuable cotton bales
    go. Ask Benjamin Judah, he took a pile cotton bales with him
    when he escaped the South never to return. After the war when blacks went to the North - they starved
    and had no place to live and came on back to the South.
    The slavery issue is one big liberal lie.

    1. he took a pile cotton bales with him

      I don't think so as he barely escaped with his life.
      10. "I will never be taken alive."
      Judah P. Benjamin, Secretary of State, CSA
      to Dr. Moses Hoge

    2. It took me a while to find SOMETHING as history seems to
      have disappeared on the internet. I've read cotton bales &
      judah benjamin's confiscating them for his escape in
      different articles. This article is not bad - just go
      towards the middle and the pic of Judah Benjamin on left
      with description:

    3. Thanks and interesting. For some reason I can't find my detailed account of his escape but found this for now.

  2. I read several descriptions of Benjamin's escape during my search,
    some detailed some simplified but none mentions the cotton bales
    which aided and abetted his escape. I know one thing, he never
    wanted to see the South or the Confederacy again.
    Brock, in the following article look at the pic of LT. John
    Fleming, "STUD". Pretty cool. What a rot-gut country this
    has become:

    1. Yes and he was cheerful all the way.
      "I will never be taken alive."
      Judah P.Benjamin, Secretary of State, CSA
      to Dr. Moses Hoge
      Thanks and getting worst all the time.