Friday, June 11, 2021

Senator demands explanation of how 300 people entered Capitol through 'locked' door

 Via Billy


A prominent senator is demanding information from U.S. Capitol Police about how some "300 people" gained unauthorized access to the Capitol through a single doorway during the events of January 6.

That's when protesters went to the building, entered – sometimes through broken windows – and vandalized it.

Democrats and legacy media outlets repeatedly have blamed President Trump, who held a rally earlier that day and told his supporters to protest the presidential election in 2020 – with its suspicious events – "peacefully."

Democrats even used the events of that day to stage their second, failed, impeach-and-remove strategy against President Trump, adopting an article of impeachment without testimony or evidence.

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  1. I recall youtube videos of capitol police opening the doors for the crowds. I also remember a video of a capitol cop executing an unarmed young woman. Most of those videos have been deleted by youtube.

    1. As I do and maybe they are available on one of the alternate sites.

  2. "It's all Trumps fault". So sez the communists.