Thursday, September 23, 2021

"The BS storm that is the Covid Con has had permanent effects for me".

 Illustration of caduceus

All my life, I believed in the essential goodness of humanity and Americans in particular.  I believed in "Truth, Justice and the American Way"; all that Red, White and Blue, John Wayne crap.  I was raised in a military family, 'Duty First', Catholic and the Gospel of Christ.

I believed that my countrymen shared my beliefs whatever denomination, whatever politics, whatever ethnicity, whatever.  We were not them.  We were not the low life, cut throats and backstabbers of so many other 'shithole countries'.  We were Americans.  God Blessed
to be Americans.  America, the hope of the world! 

I believed it strongly enough to put my ass in harm's way for it.  To brave the raging North Atlantic for it.  To stare down the barrel of a rifle for it.  I was one committed SOB!  Nine guys from our family are still out there, in the mud of Europe, the islands of the Pacific and littering ocean bottoms in between.  We paid our dues and I was ready to join them, if that was God's call.

No more.

Covid proved that more than half of my countrymen would approve of my being gassed like those at Auschwitz, and would willingly take part in the process.  Covid proved that over half my countrymen were indeed those lowlife, cuthroat, backstabbing bastards.  Covid was the light that exposed the cockroaches.  The cockroaches in the medical trades who killed helpless people with ventilators; denied preventive care, and SHAMELESSLY lied about a rather ordinary flu, who faked the numbers to perpetuate the lie, who stood by, smirking in their white coats as they raked in the their filthy loot, and KILLED MY COUNTRY!   Now they're complicit in the fake vaccine gambit, injecting poison into innocent victims for profit.  Knowingly.  Mass murderers for profit.  No high ideals, no greater good, just base evil doing.

No doubt there's at least one madman with twisted ideology and fevered thirst to kill the useless eaters, together with the corrupt and banal fellow perpetrators under the sign of the Caduceus.  No Swastika, no Hammer and Sickle, no Red Star this time.  A Caduceus.

No huge numbers died anywhere of Covid, the number of deaths remained typical for seasonal flu, constant throughout and still does.  

People who died were people who were going to die anyway.  BUT that excuses nothing.  A people who kill sixty million babies are capable of anything, and Covid proves it.  I was a fool, more, a damned fool, for ever believing otherwise.

The huge and vicious fraud that is Covid, the huge and vicious fraud that is the Democratic Party, the huge and vicious fraud that is the federal government, with its false 'president and administration', illegitimately ruling a stolen country. the huge and vicious fraud that is the medical trade, the huge and vicious fraud that is the media, the huge and vicious fraud that is the catholic church, with its false pope and satanic hierarchy,  and the bald truth that my friends and neighbors would sell me out for a pittance is . . . is a heavy, heavy blow indeed.

Welcome to hell, Pollyana! 



  1. Hiring foreign replacements.

    1. F------ commies.

  2. Read Revelation and it all makes sense. Or Jeremiah 17:9. MOST people are unredeemed, are at war with God, are okay with sin and rebellion, and are unconcerned about eternity in a Lake of Fire. There is a thin veneer of civility over each of us, covering a core of wickedness. No man is "basically good." When you abandon the idea of the "essential goodness of humanity" you start to see reality. We NEED a Redeemer. God sent one. He was despised and rejected. This is the result.