Friday, October 15, 2021

ATF Seize Huge Larry Vickers Gun Collection


A U.S. Army veteran and experienced Delta Force member, Vickers later turned teacher and historian, training shooters of all experience levels and documenting famous and infamous arms alike. Vickers fought in Operation Desert Storm, participating in Operation Acid Gambit, earning a Bronze Star with V for Valor.

According to recently published documents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, or ATF, the agency recently confiscated literally truckloads of firearms from the collection of gun industry legend and cornerstone Larry Vickers (.pdf).

Many of the guns are irreplaceable historical firearms that Vickers personally documented for his collector’s guides. While many of the guns appear to be NFA-regulated, the list includes many that may not be which raises questions about what’s going on.

Multiple sources are saying that this is the result of Vickers letting his Special Occupational Tax payment lapse, which would explain why the ATF confiscated the NFA-regulated guns.

However, among the many, many machineguns, there are a few rifles and receivers, which may or may not be NFA-regulated, which raises additional questions. So far, Vickers has not given a statement about the seizures.

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  1. Do you really have to ask, "what is going on"? The history that he was working on no longer can exist.

  2. Thinking that the feds were afraid he could arm a hundred men capable of doing some damage .Just a thought!

  3. WHO IS "ATF",and what are they doing taking anyones weapons?THE US CONSTITUTION SAYS...NO YOU CAN'T TOUCH THE WEAPONS,YET here we have a agency of DEVILS taking the weapons,WHERE IS THE US MILITARY.. WHO SWORE TO GOD TO PROTECT THOSE RIGHTS,what is the purpose of THE US MILITARY,growing dope in foreign countries??Where the eyes of america can't see what their doing??THE US MILITARY NEEDS TO ARREST THESE DEVILS NOW..THEN TAKE ALL OF THEM TO GITMO,for prosessing with a rope...