Friday, October 22, 2021

Gun Owners Force Virginia Energy Company to Revoke $200K Donation to Anti-Gun PAC

The gambit worked. Van Cleave reported in a subsequent email that Dominion was “absolutely inundated… with unhappy calls and emails,” and the company announced later that morning that it had “failed to vet” Accountability Virginia’s actions.

Gun owners forced a Virginia energy company to revoke this week a $200,000 donation to a political action committee running ads designed to suppress the Republican vote in the state’s gubernatorial election this November.

Dominion Energy, a large energy company working in 16 states including Virginia, sent the donation to Accountability Virginia PAC, according to media reports over the weekend.

Accountability Virginia used that money to run social media ads attacking Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin for his supposed silence on Second Amendment issues. The ads were designed to trick viewers into thinking Accountability Virginia is a pro-gun group warning gun owners about Youngkin’s candidacy.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League, a pro-2A group that spearheaded the Second Amendment sanctuary movement, sent an email to supporters urging them to contact Dominion Energy and express disapproval of their donation.

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  1. Now they need to fire everyone at Dominion Energy and get them focused on strengthening the energy grid instead of SJW crap that keeps them from their core purpose.

    1. SJW crap that keeps them from their core purpose.

      Good point.