Saturday, November 27, 2021

Going Home for Christmas

 May be an image of road, mountain, tree and text that says 'Going Home for Christmas'
I’m going home for Christmas,
Six hundred miles away,
My trunk is full of presents,
I will, give on Christmas Day.
I know that Mama’s waiting,
She’ll be there by the door,
Her arms outstretched, to hug me tight,
That’s what she’s waiting for.
Daddy cut a Christmas tree,
It’s up, with colored lights,
With ornaments, we’ve had for years,
It truly is a sight.
My sister put on tinsel strands,
And things, she made in school,
Mama’s baking cakes and pies,
I know will make me drool.
I’m going home for Christmas,
I’ll see my Uncle John,
I’ll enjoy his tales of yore,
As he goes on and on.
Granny, Grandpa will be there,
At each end of the table,
Cousin Betty might be there,
But only, if she’s able.
I’m going home for Christmas,
I know it will be fun,
I’ll get to share, my love and care,
With each and every one.
When dinner time is over,
Then gifts, beneath the tree,
I bought some for everyone,
And they’ll have some for me.
Alas, my Granny, Grandpa too,
And Betty, Uncle John,
Mama, Daddy, sister too,
Each one, has all gone on.
I’m going home for Christmas,
In memory and smiles,
As I sit in my easy chair,
And go six hundred miles.


  1. This would be a great country music song, in the George Jones tradition, if someone could put write music for it.
    Something along this line: