Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Old berkutchi


  1. getting a code error on the link

  2. That's weird as I checked it before posting. Try it now and thanks.

  3. My roommate in military school was into Falconry and I was fascinated with it, but never went further. He said that the training is a bitch.

  4. Hey, I thought that falcon was big!:)
    Hunting with golden eagles is a traditional art of the Eurasian steppes, particularly in Central Asia. It is a type of falconry.

    Professional hunters from Kazakhstan call the practice berkutchy or kusbeguy in Kazakh; it is also called berkutchi by the Kyrgyz people of the Bugu clan.[1]

    Berkutchy is a life's profession, and in Kazakhstan is often a hereditary one. The relationship of the bird and its master is constant and all-consuming. In the training of a young eagle, the berkutchy must sacrifice his sleep for a long period. For weeks, the growing bird is rendered sightless under its hood until its dependence on its master becomes complete. Such intimacy must turn into a lifelong trust with the eagle - twenty years or more. It is said[citation needed] that as the man trains the eagle, so does the eagle train his man. There is a proverb in Kazakhstan: "There are three things a real man should have: a fast horse, a hound, and a golden eagle.[2]

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