Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bogota Officer May Be Fired For Stopping Beatdown

Via III Percent Patriots

Plenty of cop "beat downs" can be found online, but how often does the officer who stops others from handing out the beating get fired for it? That's exactly what's happening to Officer Regina Tasca in the Bogota Police Department.

Tasca's dashboard camera captured her as she attempted to stop two officers from beating an emotionally disturbed young man. Just days after the incident, she was told she was being suspended with pay. A year later, her trial is about to begin as the Bogota PD seeks to fire her.

In Bogota, officers control whether or not their dashboard camera rolls. Fortunately, when Officer Tasca responded to a call in April 2011, she clicked her unit "on." The black-and-white tape captures it all--a mother, Tara, screaming for police to stop punching her son on their front lawn. She had called to have her emotionally disturbed son Kyle taken to the hospital. Bogota police responded while waiting for the ambulance. Tasca was the sole officer on the road that day, so she called for back-up according to protocol. Ridgefield Park police then sent two officers. Tasca had just completed her state-mandated training for working with emotionally disturbed citizens.

More with video @ PIX 11


  1. I consider all cops my enemy. The militarization of police forces all over the country, coupled with law & order republicans who think the answer to every problem is more force, has resulted in a country teetering on the precipice of full blown tyranny. And the armed uniformed tax leeches are at the forefront of tyranny's advance.

  2. Tyrannical government at it's finest.

  3. GR4US: It ain't just Retardlicans - both branches of The Government Party are just as bad.

    It wasn't Retardlicans who passed and signed the NDAA (though they colluded), who re-upped the mis-named "Patriot act" after promising its repeal, and so on...

    There are not "2 parties" - just two wings on the same bird of prey...