Monday, April 16, 2012

Fortunately only the dog was killed.

The headline in yesterday's Minneapolis Star Tribune reads, "Dangerous Dogs are a quandary for police," but the story beneath tells us that "Poorly trained police are a hazard to dogs, their owners, themselves, and three year old girls".

Oh, the story begins well enough for the police, with the tale of an officer who, in safeguarding himself from two dangerous pit bulls, wounded a fellow officer by shooting him in the leg. But there's a buried lede:

The shooting of two dogs during a police raid on April 13, 2011, has led to a civil lawsuit against the city by their owners, James and Aisha Keten.

The couple's three-year-old daughter was eating breakfast at the kitchen table in the Humboldt Avenue North house when police entered the front door on a warrant. As soon as the officers entered the house, they shot and killed one dog, Kano, in the living room, then moments later fired "multiple, hollow-point rounds towards the kitchen table, killing another of the Keten's dogs," Remy, that was lying beneath the table, the suit alleges. The Ketens say neither dog displayed aggression and the bullets passed very close to the 3-year-old.

The officers then restrained James Keten, 28, with plastic zip ties and beat and kicked him in the head, neck and face while he lay on the floor, the suit alleges. After a search of the house, Keten was not arrested or charged with any crime.

The city of Minneapolis denies that its officers kicked James Keten in the head, neck and face, but it admits that Officer Chad Fuchs was aware that a three year old girl was sitting at the table even as he fired multiple, hollow point rounds in her direction.

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  1. There are special suites awaiting cocksuckers like this. These suites are located in a very warmish place.

  2. That's something PETA could do that would make sense. Sue these degenerates for killing dogs on a whim.

  3. What get's me is if they have enough for a warrant, then there is enough for a arrest. As we know that if the had to kick the door and shoot the trained attack dogs dead, then they were righteous.

    Oh wait. I'm in fantasy land where the peace officers are nice & respectful of the citizenry.

  4. Let's go back to Mayberry. I am sure ready.

  5. Ya'll are a bunch of cop hatin wackadoos! That table, kid and dog were threats to officer safety! They just want to go home at the end of their shift (richer). How dare you judge them. You guys need to look at all sides of the video that the cops saw but then accidentally deleted. Take those chips off your shoulders you evil jerks, you just hate authority and probably have a parole officer.

    As Massad Ayoob would say. :)

    1. That's a poorly put together comment. Maybe you should get a better perspective on what happened. I have the pics to tell my story and no human being should have go through what we went through. My 3 year old not only saw things that could torment her for the rest of her life. She saw her best friends, her dogs killed. Thank God for the armor shields around my baby KK, there would be no words or amount of lawsuit money that can justify that. So please think of what could happen to the next family. BTW, they left with nothing, also the warrant was not for anyone that lived in my home.

    2. I believe JFP's was tongue-in-cheek. Yes, wrong house. I would be more than happy to post pictures and your story, if you like. Thanks.

  6. As Massad Ayoob would say. :)

    I used to read his columns until he backed every cop killing one after another.