Monday, April 16, 2012

Johnston, 22 a transgender man & partner McCloskey, 56 a transgender woman.........

Nothing more I can say.

Via Soylent Green

Transgender man linked to Pitt bomb-threat investigation claims discrimination

A transgender man expelled in January from the University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown for defying the school's edict not to use the men's locker room filed a complaint today with the Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations, charging the school and its top officials with discriminating against him.

The complaint is the latest volley in Seamus Johnston's ongoing battle with Pitt over its transgender policy, one that has drawn the attention of FBI agents investigating bomb threats that have crippled daily life at the Oakland campus. Mr. Johnston's complaint was filed with the city commission because Pitt's main campus and top administrators are in Pittsburgh.

Mr. Johnston, 22, and his partner, Katherine Anne McCloskey, 56, a transgender woman, were interviewed by agents Wednesday at their apartment in Jackson Township, Cambria County.


  1. "Nothing more I can say."

    $#!+ like this sometimes makes me wonder if the Republic is WORTH saving.

    Look... I don't care what people want to do with their lives. If she wants to pretend to be a man, or he wants to pretend he's a woman, I say MORE POWER TO 'EM - but...

    SS Disability?

    Oh *HELL* NO!

    Do what you want - but don't expect the rest of us to participate in your delusions.

    We'll leave you alone, we won't abuse you or allow anyone else to do so, but... Beyond that, there *ARE* consequences to the choices we make in life.

    I chose to put my anxiety-ridden wife on the back of my motorcycle, and the PREDICTABLE thing happened. As a result, I'm both crippled and horribly scarred.

    Should I be able to sue for "discrimination" that I'm not permitted to be a swimsuit model or pro ball player?

    Why not?

    If the "transgendered woman" can sue for "discrimination" then why can't I?


  2. SS Disability?

    Oh *HELL* NO!