Monday, April 16, 2012

The North American War Theater: Objectives, Tactics, And Agents of Oppression

Ten Objectives:

1. Consolidate economic, military, and political power in a fascist and authoritarian global government that will strengthen the rule of corporate power over the governments and peoples of America, Canada, and Mexico. This will be a government of, by, and for the 0.1 percent.

2. Create a two-tiered society, where there is no rule of law, and no sense of security for the common citizens.

3. Control and regulate the flow of movement of the general public across the continent so as to regiment society and make it easier for the rulers to dominate their mindless prey.

4. Disarm the American and Canadian people as part of the larger program to pacify pockets of resistance to the illegitimate rule of the regional and global governmental authorities.

5. Destroy the wealth of the middle class, and restratify society. Turn the people into serfs, and keep their attention on day-to-day survival strategies and mindless distractions as opposed to big picture political solutions.

6. Exploit social, class, ethnic, and political divisions for the political benefit of the tyrannical rulers. Weaken the unity of the American people and of American society. Demonize honest wealthy people, rouse anti-rich sentiments with the intent to raise taxes, and promote a class war through the media as a way to create fear, distrust, and disunity.

7. Rewrite the laws of the United States and Canada, and justify the radical changes by using the invented threat of terrorism. Pass nonsensical counter-terrorism legislation with the ultimate goal of creating a new global legal and political order that is authoritarian in nature.

8. Empower the executive at the expense of Congress and Parliament.

9. Turn the planet into a state-sanctioned deity and make the people worship Earth instead of God.

10. Completely destroy the foundations of the American constitutional republic. Guide the motivations and habits of the people, and crush their loyalty to the former republic and its founding fathers.

Ten Tactics:

1. False flag terrorism.

2. Control the credit of the United States.

3. Totalitarian propaganda, mass mind control and political brainwashing.

4. Dumbing down of mainstream culture.

5. Introduction of new state myths and political orthodoxies.

6. Blockading information, and blacking out reality.

7. Divide and conquer: rich vs. poor, minorities vs. white, immigrants vs. non-immigrants.

8. Ridicule the truth about events like the 9/11 attacks and the JFK assassination, and spread smear campaigns to discredit the political opposition. Manipulate language to assassinate the truth and the character of truth-tellers.

9. Rule by executive decree. Use state secrecy to cover up crimes and censor history.

10. Threaten whistleblowers with arrests and death. Threaten pro-constitution activists, peaceful protesters, and regular citizens with torture, kidnappings, arrests, assassinations, and other means of oppression.

Ten Agents of Oppression:

1. The corporate and state media.

2. Educational, legal, and medical establishments.

3. Police and military.

4. Private international banks and fascist transnational corporations.

5. State and private intelligence agencies.

6. Entertainment industry.

7. New police state departments like the TSA and Homeland Security.

8. Paramilitary death squads and corporate mercenaries.

9. State-approved churches and religious establishments.

10. Central planning departments.


  1. Excellent, these should be mass printed and handed out.Believe it or not the average person is STILL! unaware of what is going on around them.

  2. the average person is STILL! unaware of what is going on around them.

    Braindead public.

  3. I used to laugh at the One Worlders that I met when I lived outside of Seattle during the 90's and considered them eccentric conspiracy nut jobs. Guess the joke is on me because much of what they predicted has come to fruition...

  4. A Marxist president? You would have been the laughing stock of the nation if you predicted this when I grew up.