Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chief Justice Roberts Jokes of Trip to 'Impregnable Island Fortress'

Making light of his unconstitutional decision. May he rot in hell.

Verbatim Post

In the wake of his decisive vote upholding Obamacare, Chief Justice John Roberts joked that now the Supreme Court has finished its session he will go to an "impregnable island fortress.”

Roberts made the remarks during an appearance on a panel at a judicial conference in Pennsylvania, The Hill reported. He was asked if he planned to go to Disney World now that the Court was no longer in session and said he planned to teach a class in Malta, an island nation in the Mediterranean, south of Italy.

“Malta, as you know, is an impregnable island fortress. It seemed like a good idea,” he joked to the 300 or so judges and attorneys in the audience, The Hill reported.

Roberts has come under intense fire from conservatives for siding with the liberal wing of the court in the ruling announced Thursday that upheld President Barack Obama's healthcare initiative.


  1. Ahhhh..... "let them eat cake"..... I am off to Malta!

  2. His comment really pissed me off.