Sunday, July 1, 2012

SCOTUS and Saiga 12

Via Oleg Volk
I am not much of a legal expert, so my comments on the recent Supreme Court decision would be by analogy. US has had similar levels of idiocy before, in particular during WW2 and again during the 1970s. Remember "wage and price controls"? I don't know history well enough to tell by what mechanism those specific impositions were dismantled back then, but it would make for a useful study.

My point is that this isn't the end of the world, merely a gradual impoverishment of the population combined with a massive reduction of personal freedom. Much like East Germany, not quite on level with North Korea. The difference from East Germany is that emigration is still legal (though IRS wants to tax expats almost forever) but the similarity is that Fedgov is trying to make everyone either join Stasi equivalent organizations or fink for them freelance. The pernicious effect of providing monetary incentives for informing on fellow Americans to the Big Brother or the state-level "friends of the people" is going to be a longer-lasting, more detrimental cultural effect than the economic damage itself.

We've been through this before with the 1850-1861 events. We've also seen wartime laws against spies and alien sympathizers used to quash domestic dissent during both Wold Wars. Somehow, this country survived and even some of its culture. At this time, censorship isn't yet in full swing, so we better use the opportunity to interest our friends and neighbors in that quaint notion of "live and let live".

Short-barreled Saiga 12 with a 20-round drum magazine is fun. And, thanks to gas operated autoloading, it doesn't kick much even with buckshot. Fired by Linoge, the author of Walls of the City blog.

I have a regular Saiga with a TAPCO stock and it kicks like hell!