Saturday, July 28, 2012

Counter Vehicle Tactics

When your enemy is rolling around on the roads in armored vehicles your options to deal with that are limited.

1. Stick to terrain that the vehicles can't reach.
2. Blow up the vehicles with whatever you've got.

Really that is what it boils down to, and so let us discuss option 1. If you force the enemy to dismount and come to you then what range you decide to engage the enemy has more to do with terrain and opportunity than tactics. Dismount to dismount tactics are well documented, and here marksmanship is very important to allow maneuver.

The second option, blowing stuff up, requires you to close with the enemy. John Mosby has written here about getting close, hitting hard, and getting out. What he writes is sound, and I would simply like to add on my thoughts to the matter.

To hit hard against a better equipped force you need explosives, or something that provides the same "shock" and damage effect on your enemy. Honestly the old RPG-7 is too small for this role anymore with the anti-armor cages and nets on armored vehicles. We are talking things like an anti tank recoilless rifle, a shoulder launched anti tank missile, a command detonated anti vehicle mine, an anti tank grenade. Here is an example of Iraqi Insurgents using the RKG-3 anti tank grenade. This is what closing with a mounted armored force looks like in an urban area.


  1. I am on that road all week ,every week. Never in the last 39yrs. have I seen the volume of traffic in military vehicle`s I`ve seen in the last year or so. Occasionally we will see big stuff, but the majority is light armored vehicles, Hummer`s (with mounted gun turret`s) Buffalo`s and Bradley`s. HUNDRED`s of them. Their staging these thing`s . To do what ?. I sincerely pray for GOD`s guidance in what is soon to come,may he bless and keep you and your`s sir.

  2. I sincerely pray for GOD`s guidance in what is soon to come,may he bless and keep you and your`s sir.

    & the same to you, Sir. We shall fight the good fight.