Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Simple Numbers Game (Phase 3 – Counterarguments and Caveats)

Link to: Phase 1, Phase 2

So, as pointed out in my second post, the idea that an uprising of civilians could not possibly win is not a foregone conclusion.

I’ve had more than a few folks try to come back with snide counters:

Counterarguments: Most of the counter arguments I’ve heard can be summed up with: “You still wouldn’t win, you don’t have machine-guns, tanks, APCs, air support, et. al” like somehow all of those are *necessary* for victory.

See, the funny thing about that statement is that it ignores a few fundamental details that the source is obviously ignorant of; on top of outlining the limitations of the box they mentally operate in. So, counters to this counter are not hard to come up with:

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  1. People need to study what the Afghans did to the Russians with next to nothing. The Russians were never able to conquer Afghanistan and neither well the USA. Weapons are only part of the equation.

  2. neither well the USA.

    It's mind boggling that these experts don't get it. Good Lord, just amazing.