Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Another Chick-Fil-A experience today (NC)

...........the Chick Fil-A in Hendersonville, NC

There was an enormous crowd with lines winding inside and going outside past the back end of the building and into the back parking lot. The Auto line extended onto U.S. 64, and traffic was backed up almost to I-26 on the west side. Parking space was scarce and spilled over into the parking lot of the shopping center almost to Wal-Mart. According to other people who had tried to eat there during the day, these crowded conditions began before 11 am. The expected wait, if you had the time, was as about two hours or slightly more. Yet people were smiling.

One Army Vietnam Veteran of the First Air Cavalry told me he was beginning to lose hope for his country, but he felt good now and looked forward to voting in November.

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