Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why memorialize Yankee invasion?



Some in the area may have a problem understanding why Stafford County would preserve a campsite of an invading army that destroyed everything in its path and caused the death of one in every four Confederate soldiers.

The invading army were not patriots, fighting for their country, but nationalists fighting for the Union government.

The Speaker of the House of Delegates seems to like the idea and should be able to influence Georgia to erect a statue of Sherman since he spent some time there, and maybe the Indian tribes would preserve some of Custer's camps.

Ireland should be encouraged to preserve the campsites of Cromwell's army while he was visiting there. The Chechynians should be preserving the Russian campsites.

Stafford should preserve the entire county as a Union campsite since that is what it was while making refugees of the people and destroying everything in the county.

Maybe Germany should have preserved the campsite since most of the Union soldiers at the site were German immigrants.

The destruction of the Confederate states was just as great or greater than other countries invaded by foreign armies.

Ted Humphries



  1. I guess I just see things differently...

    I think it SHOULD be remembered - so that someday, when we've shed the yoke of Leviathan government and kids are learning the TRUTH of history again - they can be reminded of the evils done to kill what then remained of Our Founders' Republic.

    After all, they remember the Warsaw Uprising, we remember Pearl Harbor, and 9-11, and... and...

  2. True, but I imagine the PTB who are promoting this will taint it with PC as the History Chanel did with Sherman's March.