Friday, September 14, 2012

IDF update

Via hefferman1

A white wedding dress, white flowers, a happy groom and ... an Iron Dome rocket defense battery in the background. More @ Love of the Land

IDF has called up some units. They did this a few months back, and then again just a few days ago.

They also have deployed Iron Dome in more than one area. In Sinai, and around some major cities.

It was most likely a couple of Iron Dome units Walfred's brother saw. It takes several missiles to make up one unit. It is 20 rockets in three pods to make one unit. That means it is ten units he can see.

If armor units are moving up, that is more worrisome. When infantry moves up with the armor, it is time to batten down the hatches. Large numbers of people can not stay in the desert for long periods of time, without a huge supply train. Israel doesn't fight that way. It is lightening warfare that the IDF is known for. They have too many enemies to move slowly.

I am waiting to hear back from my friends, or hear they are not there.


  1. Update:

    My Jewish friends are all out of contact.

    My Paratrooper friend is out of contact.
    My friend in intellignece went to Israel and is out of contact.

    My other friend is not to be found. Last word was he was going to the airport.

    Israeli military has not had a meeting with religious leaders that we know of. They always do that before things kick off.

    Troops at the Wailing wall doesn't look good.

    They maybe just calling people up to prepare to defend themselves, or getting ready to drop the hammer. I can't tell, and no one is talking.

  2. Pray.... nobody really wants WWIII.....
    (Except those elites that plan to survive it , , or think they will after pushing forward with their whole NWO mindset).

  3. I thought they would wait at least until after the election to see how it turned out.

  4. Don't know. Maybe just an alert because of the recent unpleasantness in Libya.