Friday, September 14, 2012


“It’s only after we’ve lost everything, that we are free to do anything.”

Do you understand?

The transformation of one’s grasp on reality can be a torturous journey, the realization of the lies and deceit during the awakening is akin to detoxifying from “Chasing The Dragon”.

Burn baby burn, it won’t stop, it’s just yet another escalation of the times we live in, embrace what is happening, embrace the smoke and fires. Am I crazy? perhaps.

” We came we saw and he died”.

Free elections in November? Wrap your mind around that fallacy. Doom and Gloom, no not so much, rather….. REALITY. Does reality scare the fuck out of you? It should, it should also place a smile on your face. After the education and the awakening… that sickening feeling in your gut is Rock Bottom, until you understand completely your enslavement, how on earth could you have a desire for FREEDOM?

I wake up every day with a feeling of invigoration, regardless how much of the world continues to deteriorate, I understand the flow of emotions are similar to what our founders felt, we will be given a opportunity for freedom, the best part will be the fight, standing up and declaring the shackles no longer bind.

The adrenalin rush of fighting for something so precious makes the hair on my neck stand upright, do not judge the Islamists with a heavy hand…. they should be admired for their courage, they are in the streets fighting for something they believe in.

What would our own masters do to us if we were to mirror the actions of those in N. Africa and the ME? Regardless if you think theses folks are throw backs from 600 AD, they are willing to step onto the green, can you say the same?

More @ San Jacinto County Outlaw

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