Monday, October 1, 2012

Graphic video of Five Points attack hits social media

Via Ol' Remus

 As my mother would say, "three guesses and the first two don't count" as to the races involved.........

- A graphic video of one of several weekend assaults in the Five Points area of Columbia has surfaced in a post on Facebook.

The video, which captures only the end of the incident, shows several men hitting and kicking Josh Bosworth.

Bosworth suffered a broken jaw and several lacerations from the attack that occurred early Sunday morning in front of Bey's, a bar on Harden St., and Pop's New York Pizza.

"My jaw is broken in two places and I have titanum plates in it," said Bosworth, who is focusing on recovering.

The video does not show what initiated the beating, but Bosworth says he believes he and his friends were targeted by a group of men looking to hurt anyone.


  1. I live near Columbia....and this is not the first incident of this type in recent months...actually on the same night as this occurred, another group beatdown and a shooting took place....

    1. You would think some would be carrying. They are going to try this on a CCW holder and things aren't going to turn out as they expect.

    2. I went to Pocatello ID and back Friday on and Saturday on Delta unarmed. Never felt insecure. I don't go to Safeway in Aurora unarmed. My Jewish neighbor came over today to tell me that he had taken his wife and two boys to the big park 2 miles from us Sunday. When they got out of the car they were in the midst of (he says) two or three thousand Muslims. He never carries although he is a Navy vet. We have so many possible ways that Hell can break loose that they can't even be counted. Isn't diversity great?

    3. Heh.:)

      I don't think I would fare well around Muslims, but I never intend to find out.