Monday, October 1, 2012

Issa Threatens In Fast and Furious Subpoena Of White House Aide ‘Suddenly’ Trasferred To Iraq In Fast and Furious

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) has threatened to subpoena a member of the White House National Security Staff who was suddenly transferred out of the White House to Iraq in July 2011. Kevin O’Reilly had been communicating with an ATF agent while Fast and Furious was going on and the committee wanted his testimony, which the White House would not allow.

The Inspector General Michael Horowitz was unable to get testimony or permission from the White House to interview O’Reilly as well.

Issa and Senator Charles E. Grassley sent a letter to O’Reilly’s attorney on Thursday evening warning that they would issue a subpoena for O’Reilly if he did not agree to testify.

“We have been trying to arrange to speak with your client, Kevin O’Reilly, for nearly a year now,” Issa and Grassley wrote. “Earlier this year, you agreed to make O’Reilly available for an interview if the White House authorized his participation. The White House, where O’Reilly worked during the pendency of Operation Fast and Furious, refused to make him available, citing ‘an insufficient basis to support the request.”

“If O’Reilly chooses to continue to make himself unavailable, Chairman Issa will have no further alternative but to use compulsory process to require his testimony before the committee,” they wrote.


  1. What are odd's of this ' suddenly transferred ' individual ever returning in the vertical position ?.

    1. Just like anyone who is in the way of Communist plans or are opposed to them. Like the 300,000 Vietnamese civilians they killed in two weeks by purposeless targeting them with artillery/mortars as they were trying to flee to safety. Humans mean nothing to them and there is only one way to deal with these Collectivists.