Monday, October 1, 2012

The 10 Manliest Firearms

Via  Ol' Remus

Manly Guns 
 This was a hard piece to write, because guns by definition are manly, except for Berettas, gold-plated TEC9s, .25 caliber pistols or anything made by the French. To simplify things, I have limited it to modern cartridge firearms a man might, can, and should collect and shoot. There are certainly other manly weapons, and you may have a different list. As long as the list contains nothing French, gold-plated, .25 or with pearl grips (which Patton correctly observed are the mark of a New Orleans pimp), it is a good list. LET ME REPEAT THAT: You are encouraged to make your own list. A long as you’re shooting something, it’s all good. Now please read this intro again so you don’t embarrass yourself by arguing a point already made. Ask for help with any big words.


  1. What a hoot! Loved the article. Will point out to wife (grandma) she qualifies as a manly man. Gave me one of her 9's and sold the other one. She has three, count them, three 1911's in .45.
    I have a Remington 1100'and got a Mossy pump. First two trips to the range I couldn't figure out why the second shot wouldn't fire when I pulled the trigger the second time. Duh. PUMP dummy. :)


  2. :)

    Remington 1100

    I got one after the evacuation of Saigon and kept it until July 2008 when I figured Hussein was going to win, so sold it and bought a Saiga 12.:)

    And Now, After Sending Our Best Young Men To Die On distant battlefields fighting Communism, we may simply vote a Marxist into our highest office."
    23 July 2008