Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mississippi Auto Arms 1st Annual Oxford NFA Shoot

Mississippi Auto Arms is hosting the 1st Annual Oxford NFA Shoot on October 20 & 21. There will be a $10 per person entry fee per day. All gate entry proceeds are going to help procure body armor and equipment for a Special Weapons and Tactics team that is being developed. Red Jacket Firearms, Advanced Tactical Ordnance, Mississippi Auto Arms, and many other NFA owners will be in attendance. 

NFA Items Available for Rent
Tommy Gun, Kriss Vector, M240, RPD, AK74, AK47s, M16s, MP5K, PPSH, PPS, MP5, RPK, Swedish K, Sten, AKSD - integral suppressed, ZK22, Silencerco Osprey 45, Mississippi Auto Arms Short Barrel Rifles, and more....

Vendors will provide ammo for all machine gun and suppressor rentals. 

You must be eighteen in order to attend or with a parent or legal guardian. In order to shoot, you must be twenty-one unless you are with a parent or legal guardian. 

Hearing and eye protection must be worn at all time. 

All guests and participants must sign a hold harmless agreement and non-disclosure agreement. 

No press allowed without prior written consent.

Location: Buddy East - Lafayette County Officers Police Range located at 60 County Road 3087 in Oxford, MS. 

1. From the stop light on Hwy 6 and Jackson Avenue take Hwy 6 West towards Batesville (Approximately 2.7 miles)
2. Turn left onto County Road 309
3. Proceed on Hwy 309 until you arrive at gate to the Range  (Approximately 2.7 miles)

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