Thursday, October 25, 2012

Was the U.S. running arms to the Syrian rebels through Turkey?



 Is there a deeper plot to Benghazi?

Maybe I’ve watched too many Perry Mason episodes, or movies like “Charade” (a very entertaining mystery with many twists and turns that are hard to anticipate), or maybe it’s because of my engineering problem-solving background, where you take a bunch of data and then try to come up with a solution that would be in harmony with the data, but let’s take a look at some of the Benghazi data that might reveal something.

(1)   Why was the Benghazi ambassador meeting with a Turkish diplomat?

(2)   Why was such a meeting taking place in Libya?

(3)   Why weren’t troops sent from Sicily (just 45 minutes away) when the first calls immediately came for help and yet all 4 Americans weren’t dead until 7 hours later?

(4)   Why was there a drone in the area?

Okay, so now let’s put forth a story that could explain these 4 points of data.

The U.S. was running arms to the Syrian rebels through Turkey. They had to coordinate it in an obscure place like Benghazi to keep it secret. The reason they wanted to keep it secret is because the administration didn’t want another “Fast and Furious” on their hands … especially before a debate on foreign policy and an election. And here is the ugliest, most sinister and evil part of the explanation (which would give a reason for #s 3 and 4), they let the 4 Americans die because dead men tell no tales.

I know this story may seem far-fetched and the last part is hard to say, but let’s hear your story that explains the 4 peculiarities listed here and includes all 4 of them.

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  1. Not all that far fetched, Brock. Actually, it makes some sense.

  2. Very good analysis Brock. I have said all along that it was a deliberate choice made by Obama et al. Then he tried to cover it by blowing smoke first one way then the other. Now he has Panetta saying,
    "we did not have accurate intel at the time."
    I can't wait till MSM gets hold of Hillary's cables which prove the lies. Bill wants her to release them but she is afraid that would make her look like a traitor and hurt her chances in 2016.
    I pray everyday to be alive and have a ringside seat to watch these traitors face the justice they deserve.

  3. I pray everyday to be alive and have a ringside seat to watch these traitors face the justice they deserve.

    With peanuts and beer.