Thursday, November 15, 2012

British Seek to Abolish Motherhood

Via The Arctic Patriot


EMBOLDENED supposedly by Romney’s loss among women, liberal Democrats and Tories are scrambling for new ways to make motherhood obsolete, The Daily Mail reports. It all boils down to more of the same old socialist plans for subsidized childcare, parental leave and affirmative action, which all boil down to making motherhood more unappealing.

Despite an unwed motherhood rate of over 50 percent and disastrously low fertility among natives, the British clamor to demonize and collectivize motherhood even more. Instead of devoting resources to making it possible for women to be mothers, the British steadfastly marginalize motherhood.
The average age of first-time mothers in Britain is now 30, the most advanced age of first mothers in the developed world and possibly all of history. Animals don’t reproduce much when they are raised in zoos; human beings don’t reproduce much when they live in the closed-off pens of social engineers. Women who lived in peasant villages with one water pump and no indoor plumbing, no refrigerators, no gas stoves, no antibiotics, no hospitals, no day care centers routinely managed to raise hordes of healthy children while the native British eke out so few children they are not replacing themselves.

They should get it over with and make it illegal to have children. Then women would be totally equal to men.

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