Sunday, November 11, 2012

Conservatives and Chronic Leftist Liars

Via Bernhard

“What do you call a man who loves his country but is not so enthusiastic about the government that confiscates half of his income? Who takes care of his own family but is not sure why, through tax policies and affirmative action, he is also supposed to take care of the children of other people he does not know? Who believes in charity but believes it begins at home and does not extend beyond the borders of the United States?

Who wishes peace and prosperity to the people of the Third World but does not necessarily want to bring them here? Who admires the brave struggle of the Israeli people but does not see why American money and military clout have to be used to do to Palestinians what was done to Jews in the past? Who wishes no ill to anyone else’s religion but wonders why non-Christians can use a government-funded by mostly Christian taxes to teach anti-Christianity in schools and eliminate Christian symbols and prayers from public places” 

I would call such a man, no matter what party he belongs to or principles he espouses, an instinctive conservative. Leftists, however, particularly the leftist tentacles of the institutional octopus of hate that is strangling both civilization and freedom, would call him a bigot and an antisemite.   It is an easy trick of propaganda to portray all natural affections in the dark colors of prejudice….[but] to change the value of words is a more ambitious project. There was a time when prejudice did not mean hatred of other races….

To speak of a “conservative mind” in America is somewhat misleading. The average American does have a conservative heart, but his mind has been so addled by bad teachers, bad books, and bad ideas that he often feels guilty if he prefers to limit his charity to his neighbors, if he resents the money squandered on public schools, in he does not share in the general glee over the massive immigration that is transforming the country of his fathers into something he cannot recognize.  He is easily intimidated when the left condemns this vague, inchoate mixture of family loyalty and patriotism as the bigotry of the “extreme right. “  

Reduced to the clichés of politics, conservatives are guilty of hating and oppressing non-European racial and ethnic groups, persecuting non-Christians (especially Jews), exploiting an impoverishing the working classes, destroying the environment, and waging destructive wars. 

Leftists, by contrast, promote racial and religious tolerance, work selflessly for the welfare of the working classes, preserve the environment, and, to cap it all, they always “give peace a chance.” Leftists know this to be true, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Leftists like to apply the “fascist” label to conservatives, and, in the process, the equate fascist with Nazi, a lie they can get away with because the leftists who control our schools make sure that Americans grow up stupid, ignorant, and helpless. On the other hand, leftists scream bloody murder if their own principles are described as Marxist, socialist, or communist – which they are. 

Our [conservative] fathers and grandfathers told race jokes and belonged to restricted clubs; [leftists] fathers and grandfathers shilled for Stalin or the equally bloodthirsty Trotsky. No, we are not perfect, and yes, conservative societies have, on occasion, betrayed their deepest principles, and committed terrible crimes.  They, since the days of Robespierre, have committed mass theft and mass murder on principle. 

And, when the lack the power to kill and rob, they make do with corrupting the young with pornography; destroying marriage with feminism and homosexualism; undermining our morals with Freudianism and behaviorism; warping our sense of beauty with free verse, abstract expressionist painting, and Bauhaus architecture; and, if we dare complain, they cry, “antisemite,” as if Jackson Pollock or the Bauhaus architects were Jewish.

Yes, in addition to their other fine qualities, leftists are chronic liars about every subject they discuss, from Athenian democracy to second-hand smoke. Even the term they use to describe themselves, liberal, is a lie. American liberals are non-revolutionary socialists, and their allies to the left are unreconstructed Marxists. We ought to forgive them, I suppose, because they have no choice. When your entire worldview is based on counterfactual assumptions about human nature – the equality of the sexes, the immorality of private property and status, the artificiality of the family, etc. – you cannot help lying about everything, whether the subject under discussion is women in the military, the danger of asbestos, the “epidemic” of father-daughter incest, or the effectiveness of public education.

Why should any conservative care if he is attacked by the leftists of the $PLC, the ADL or those of the New York Times? These people have lies in their mouths, blood on their hands for the great genocides of the 20th century, and guilt on their consciences for the seduction of the innocent and the destruction of our civilization. 

Our task, as our late friend Mel Bradford put is, is to remember who we are and stop our ears against the siren song of the revolutionists, which have proved to be not the anthems of a new dawn, but a message of hate and filth that leads to destruction.”

(Hatemongers, Thomas Fleming, Chronicles Magazine, July 2004, excerpted, pp. 10-11 –, July 2004)     

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