Sunday, November 11, 2012

UPDATE: Partial Recount in Tight Florida House Race Between West and Murphy

Florida officials have ordered a partial recount in the race between Republican Allen West and his challenger Democrat Patrick Murphy. As we reported yesterday, there was over 100% turnout in several precincts in St. Lucie County, Florida. The election officials in that county announced late yesterday that there would be an emergency meeting Sunday morning at 7 AM.

It turns out this emergency meeting was set up to recount the ballots cast during early voting. It is estimated that roughly 37,000 early ballots were cast.

West, who has refused to concede the race, is currently trailing Murphy by 2,442 votes, according to the latest results from Florida Division of Elections. On its website, the agency says West has garnered 164,448 votes to Murphy’s 166,890.

"There are possible irregularities in St. Lucie County," claims Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, a Florida lawyer volunteering for the West campaign who has been quoted on the issue. "On Sunday we'll have a chance to recount the early votes and that's a good start to preserving the integrity of the democratic process."

West's campaign said in a Saturday statement it was pleased with the news of the partial recount.
"This decision should help shed light on the situation of this election," the statement said. "This is the action we were seeking to ensure the results of this election were fair and accurate."

West's campaign had said earlier Saturday that issues with the voting in St. Lucie County meant the race was still undecided.

"Late on Election Night, Congressman West led by 1,700 votes," West for Congress said in a statement. "Following the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections’ decision to recount thousands of early ballots after a technical glitch, the margin shifted by 4,000. In order to ensure that votes were not doubled counted, we have requested that the St. Lucie Supervisor of Elections make public the poll check-in books to ensure the numbers of ballots cast matches the numbers of voters checked-in at the polls."

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  1. Got an email earlier today to this effect from the Martin County Tea Party. I keep hoping. We are over run with yankees here in St Lucie County. :(

  2. I just might. Get rid of the state income tax, personal property tax and send the half backs the rest of the way back.
    ( we might have to explain halfbacks to some readers - people from the northeast that move to Florida and don't like it so they move half way back to N. or S. Carolina)

  3. ( we might have to explain halfbacks to some readers - people from the northeast that move to Florida and don't like it so they move half way back to N. or S. Carolina)

    Well, RE Lee said you would learn something new each day until you died and I did today!:)
    Carteret County

    Mitt Romney (R) 70%

    Barack Obama (D) 29%

  4. I chipped away at the wife and younger (Washington State) son today on why I need to live near Emerald Isle Beach or Nag's Head. I'm working on it.

    I have caught more good fish at Nag's Head at Easter and Thanksgiving than most fishermen ever see in a lifetime. The Outer Banks of NC are like dying and going to heaven for me. Forida going for Obama took it out of the retirement picture and I've been going there since 1937.

  5. Seems I kicked the "ell" out of Florida. Well, they deserve it.