Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dragon's Teeth, Sown.


I don't see the wheel turning for 10 or 12 years, but when it does it will be an outraged and vengeful Millennial demographic, likely libertarian with no care whatsoever for social issues, that will be dragging all of our asses, Democrat and Republican alike, off to be shot.

What happened November 6th? Well, Obama won, if you haven't heard. What didn't happen? The White House didn't flip. The Senate didn't flip. The House didn't flip. $2 billion later, nothing much changed. The GOP garnered even more governorships, and more statehouses. No big shit there. We all know there's no power beyond Washington anymore, so those are just Miss Congeniality contests.

But what happened? Two things.

The Democrats beat the Republicans like runaway slaves on the ground game. They hustled, they got out the vote, for better or worse they isolated demographics and played upon their fears and ignorance. That's all fair. Democrats live politics. They are community organizers. It's what they do. And they did it very well. And they had the Chicago Machine behind them, as formidable a force as politics has ever known. They steal, they commit fraud, they commit crimes. But they don't even have to, to win. They just do that for fun. Republicans can't get up enough activists for a sandlot baseball game. You can't win the game if you don't show up.

And speaking of baseball, I've voted in 10 presidential elections now. Won 5, lost 5. That's batting .500. If I'm a professional ballplayer I'm in the fucking Hall of Fame. As I am not a professional ballplayer I am the median outcome in a cosmic game of coin flips.

This is where it gets hairy.

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  1. Who feels passionately about the GOP to go out and put in hours knocking on doors? At best they're the lesser evil, hard to get excited about, "well, its the best we got."

    What ever happened to the Tea Party?

    1. Also, politics is, by definition, of the "left". Individuals who value independence don't lean toward that kind of organized persuasion.

    2. What ever happened to the Tea Party?

      Ron Paul is using his vast network to raise money for those he likes and is being successful.

      The Ron Paul Revolution Brings In 8 Congressmen

      Several ‘Ron Paul Republicans’ win closely contested House races
      politics is, by definition, of the "left". Individuals who value independence don't lean toward that kind of organized persuasion.

      Excellent point

    3. The Tea Party has been around for four years, and in 2010 they apparently got some fiscally conservative candidates into congress. What have they done? I haven't seen any reduction in spending.

      I don't think activism works for common sense things like budgets. Activism relies on frothing at the mouth lunatics who are willing to burn things and go to jail for their beliefs. And "beliefs" is the proper term.

    4. And "beliefs" is the proper term.

      Most assuredly.

  2. "Individuals who value independence don't lean toward that kind of organized persuasion."

    I read Free North Carolina daily because Brock isn't the only person who makes good sense on it. As a young, well 79.5 years is young, Libertarian I had never thought of that point. I like it.

  3. Off topic, but I'm in the market for a rifle and I'm considering Del-Ton, mainly because they're local and affordable. I would be interested in anything you may have heard about them.

    1. Everything I've read on them seem to be good and they are Tarheels!:) Life time guarantee on their complete rifles also.

    2. I just read a guns and ammo review and they liked the one they shot.

      I try to buy local when I can, I was also looking at Barnes Precision Machine, but they start over a grand.

    3. I'm 2 hours from their place. Do you live nearby?

  4. No, I'm near Greensboro.

  5. If we're lucky, the generation that takes over will be libertarian. It's wrong to say that libertarians don't care about the social issues. What they care about is NOT having the government dictate, monitor or regulate their personal habits inside their homes with other consenting adults. And, libertarians won't be dragging you out to be shot without due process first...unlike the Lefties and Righties we all know and despise.
    So, I don't know who made the comment at the beginning of this post, but they obviously don't have a clue about libertarianism, or know any libertarians.

  6. If we're lucky, the generation that takes over will be libertarian.

    Please, please please.