Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Goodies from Ol' Remus

Via Ol' Remus

It is force, or threat of it, which lies behind every stop sign, every building code, every ordinance, every law. By what right do people have to force their will on another man? Just so they can have "safety" and "order"? Those that would commit crimes against another still do, regardless. It is the peaceful man who is harmed by these laws, not the criminals. That is the greater tyranny.
--Mayberry at keepitsimplesurvival.wordpress.com 

Regardless of their demeanor, each statist has one thing in common; an obsession with the continuance of the system to the point of madness.  There is absolutely nothing the state can do to make them second guess their love affair.  No crime too shocking, no attack too unjust.
--Brandon Smith at alt-market.com

 In our modern age, things no longer exist to perform their function. Washing machines aren't designed to clean clothes, but to save water and energy. Food isn't there to be eaten, but not eaten. And armies aren't there to win wars, but to be moral. And the truly moral army never fights a war.
--Daniel Greenfield at canadafreepress.com 

 There is absolutely no prospect of ANY reduction in the debt of the US government unless and until a meat axe is taken to "entitlements". This would involve a HUGE dismantling of the welfare state, something that neither side of US politics wants to even discuss. The situation is that simple.
--Bill Buckler at the-privateer.com 

Indian land - As regards taking the land, at least from the western Indians, the simple truth is that the latter never had any real ownership in it at all. Where the game was plenty, there they hunted; they followed it when it moved away to new hunting-grounds, unless prevented by stronger rivals; and to most of the land on which we found them they had no stronger claim than that of having a few years previously butchered the original inhabitants.
--Theodore Roosevelt, Hunting Trips of a Ranchman 1885

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