Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Philip Stanley, Johns Hopkins, the Navy, and Me A Question of Medical Malpractiee

Such a shame.  After the VA took out my voice box, I awoke a few days later and almost coughed to death.  Fortunately the gauze, that the 8 people in the operating room had missed seeing when they sewed me back up, popped out of the hole in my neck.  A little bit longer, I would have died and it would have been covered up, guaranteed.


Fred Reed

This column may bore most readers. Bear with me. I offer it as a warning to the public.

On April 26, 2010, I went to see Dr. Philip Stanley, an eye surgeon at the Eye Clinic of Bethesda Naval Hospital of Bethesda, Maryland, for what he described as a routine removal of sutures following a corneal transplant at Johns Hopkins. In less than a half hour he ripped my eye wide open, inducing a massive choroidal hemorrhage and total detachment of the retina, leaving the eye blind. My attorney filed a malpractice suit under the Federal Tort Claims Act to Robert Thomas, of the Office of the Judge Advocate General in Norfolk, Va. The following are documents submitted under the FTCA. Stanley has since been at the Wilmer Eye Clinic of Johns Hopkins, which is aware of the malpractice suit. This sugests that despite good reputation--both Johns Hopkins and Bethesda Naval are thought to be of high quality--it is wise to research very, very carefully the physician who will attned you.

Robert Thomas of the Office of the Judge Advocate General's office simply didn't respond to the suit despite repeated requests.

What Happened: Statement of Fred Reed


  1. Holy shit! I cringed all the way through that and almost didn't finish! I would have burned the hospital down after that bullshit!

    I had lasik 10 or so years ago and that was the most frightening thing I've ever experienced. Losing my eyesight is one of the worst things I can imagine. Poor Fred, I hope he doesn't stop writing or get to depressed. I thank God every day that I can see.

    1. Yes, horrifying. Should be shot at dawn.

  2. Shot at dawn?
    As far as I am concerned the SOB's can stand at the wall 'till I manage to roll out of the rack and have a cup of coffee. Damned if I am setting an alarm for these useless pieces of s**t.