Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Quad-copter toy could be the future of air combat

Quad-copter toy could be the future of air combat

It will soon be time for a quad-copter to be ready to lift both humans and payload, he said. In Germany, a team built a human-powered 16-blade-copter that was a quad of quads with 2-foot blades. “They got it up in the air about six feet.”

The fun part is the quad-copter dog fighting using infra-red sensors, Pedersen said.

“They’ll have an IR trigger on them and you’re in the air doing IR dogfights,” he said

“The first hit, you’ll wobble a little bit, the second hit, you lose a little power, and the third hit, it forces you to the ground for a time out,” he said.

Pedersen said he met a senior official in the military’s Predator drone program, who told him that his quad-copters would be a welcome supplement to the Predator.

“He said what he’d really love it if a Predator sees something from, say 10,000 feet, such as an improvised explosive device, and if he could then launch a tube of these mini-quad-copters that he could fire out of the rear of the Predator, then fall down to about 1,000 feet and guide down to take a particular look and if it really was an IED, they could sit on it and with a small charge detonate the thing,” the QFO Labs CEO said.

Ten years ago, it was just a nifty idea, he said.

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