Sunday, December 30, 2012

Deport me? If America won't change its crazy gun laws... I may deport myself says PIERS MORGAN

Via Don

Eager to buy: After the Sandy Hook massacre, sales of the specific weapon used, an AR-15 assault rifle (pictured) rocketed

Just do it and good riddance to bad rubbish.

@ Daily Mail if you want to torture yourself.  The only thing I found worthwhile in his piece was the picture above, though the comments were good.:)


  1. When I read this a couple of days ago, I tried to provide a comment that, naturally, wasn't accepted.

    The Chier Morgan couldn't utter a single truth or fact. Then they, of course, had to use the above pic. I've never seen such an AR on the wall in Walmart.

    I'm beginning to think that the British indeed are stupid.


  2. Leave the USSA, if some childish demand is not meet? Regarding the threat by Piers Morgan; promises, promises, promises. It is an empty, hollow threat, made to give him another 15 minutes of air time/fame. Question: How many of those who said they were going to leave the country if Bush was elected/re-elected actually did?