Sunday, December 30, 2012

March on Frankfort

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III March To Liberty Kentucky 

The past several decades our rights and liberties have been under attack by those sworn to uphold and defend them.  It is time to make our voices heard and give  a list of our grievances. Our Bill of Rights(1st 10 Amendments) are our rights from birth, granted to us by our creator, not privileges that a politician can take away.  They are not up for debate.

I propose we march around the capital and rally at the capital steps. I also propose we do this open carry with rifles slung over our shoulders.  Especially after the attacks the 2nd Amendment has been taking by the media, the president and congress.  After all the 2nd protects all the others.

The General Assembly reconvenes January 8 for its 2013 regular 30-day session. It will meet most weekdays through March 7, take a recess to give the governor a chance to veto any bills, and then meet again on March 25-26 to consider any vetoes and then adjourn.

So this gives us little time to organize a march on our capitol.  I will do all I can to help get this March up and going but I am going to need help.  I will fight for my rights and you will have to fight for yours.  Anyone interested in making your voice heard and this march a success can email me @

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