Monday, December 17, 2012

Not the America I remember


............being an old guy, I must say the country we now live in is definitely NOT the United States of America I remember.

How sad that the young folks today have no idea what has been lost, for they've never known anything different.

How ironic that my father served in the war against the Nazis, and both he and I served in a war against the Communists, and yet, our country has now copied everything the Nazis and Communists did, including racial preferences and deciding who's fit to live.

Watching the news on television, I was disappointed that gun owners kept referring to the right given to them by the Second Amendment.

Folks, we do NOT get our right to keep and bear arms from the Constitution!

Our right to keep and bear arms is an UNALIENABLE right.

Our Constitution exists to restrain the federal government, NOT to give rights (which they already possess) to the individual citizen.

Unfortunately, almost nobody in our contemporary society or our government seems to be aware of that distinction, or else they merely ignore it.

The purpose of the Second Amendment is not for hunters, collectors, sportsmen, target shooters, or even self defense from criminals, although each of those are fringe benefits of that document.

The Second Amendment exists to guarantee us citizens the practical means to rise up in open armed revolt against our own government.

That is why individual citizens should be as well armed as police and the Armed Forces.

The other aspect of the tragedy in Connecticut is to point out the danger of sending children to be educated in a public school.

Again, this country today is NOT the country I grew up in.

Our beloved United States of America today has become unrecognizable and unacceptable.

I grew up and went to public school in a racially segregated Southern community, long before the imposition of "political correctness" which currently stifles and perverts scholastic curriculum.

Thus, we were safe, and we got a far better education than what children get today.

Nowadays, rather than send children to public schools, where they're locked inside like prisoners, to be indoctrinated with government propaganda and terrorized by racial gangs, those children would be far better educated in the home, by their parents.

That's the best way to protect children from evil while they're growing, plus home schooled children consistently prove intellectually superior in tests and national competitions.

So ,

Please, tell me, if you can,

Who REALLY won the Second World War?

Who REALLY won the Cold War?

If we defeated the Nazis and the Communists, then WHY have we adopted all of their characteristics and become just like them?

Thank you.


John Robert Mallernee


  1. We are no longer a country, we are competing interest groups, created for political gain.

    1. Very well stated and we need to separate to our homogenous areas.

    2. I could not agree more! Far more divided to ever be reconciled into peaceful coexistence (in my humble opinion). This is NOT the same place I grew up in.
      Disunited, disagreeable, discontented.... time to disassemble this once united confederation of states and move in a direction that would us on course for renewal of our spirits, our individual states, our liberties, and freedom to live life as we see fit to do so.....

  2. Thank you, Brock, for sharing this on your web site.