Monday, December 17, 2012


Looks good, but need to get the Gun Free School Zone Act repealed.

I want to make this clear I am only looking for help as for suggestions in getting this done.
I am putting up the money and guns to get this started first here in Pa and Jersey and then with hope to make this a nation wide grass roots effort.

I have been in contact and bringing on board 3 lawyers, one from Jersey , one from further up north and one from Pa to help with state laws and other hurdles.

As a Firearms MFGer I feel obligated by to help & do what I can, my expertise is bringing people with the best skills for the job together.

We will begin training any school personnel/Teachers who want it and will move toward training them in combat tactical in CQC.
We will be outlining the programs and logistics in short order.
We want firearm uniformity in the same school systems for training and God forbid an emergency does come they have like guns and mags, for the same reason Police do.

Like I said we aren't looking for anything other than some good input to help get off the ground ion the right way and as soon as possible.

I have been in touch with other firearm MFGers and dealers and the money is not going to be an issue at all.

The goal here is to protect our Children and the people who care for them 7 hours a day.

If you don't have anything good to say please don't say anything at all.

I will be contacting staff so that anyone who can help with training or other wise will be able to.

We will be getting a web site up as soon as we can.

The end goal is trained personal allowed to carry covertly in schools to stop an active shooter on a rampage.

The name we have is "The Artemis Project"
Artemis is a protector of Children and the Vulnerable from Greek Mythology

In case it's not already clear
Artemis project will be providing the training, weapons, ammo, and other good & services to schools and school employees at no cost to them, as a matter of fact if the schools need other supplies I think we can help with that too.

There is a snag I did not see
The federal gun free school zones act exempts people licensed in the same state they received the permit and are carrying.
It does not exempt someone under reciprocity
It does not exempt any CCW discharging a weapon even under self defense
This is bad for this entire effort
Under this federal law an off duty police officer is not exempt either

Off duty police officers

The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) which was intended to entitle qualified law enforcement officers to carry weapons nation-wide does not provide any exceptions to Federal Law.[19] Although the GFSZA does provide an exception for a law-enforcement officer performing their official duties,[7] it does not provide any protection for an off-duty officer.[15] An off-duty LEOSA qualified officer is unable to legally travel within one-thousand (1000) feet of any K-12 school while armed unless he has a valid carry license issued by that state.[13][15][16]

Although the GFSZA allows a citizen to discharge a firearm on private property,[7][16] it prohibits discharge on public property in the Gun Free Zones by anyone except on-duty law enforcement and school security.[16] A carry permit never exempts an individual from the GFSZA discharge restrictions, even in the State that physically issued it.[16]

More @ AR15

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