Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Verbal Black Flag


Advocates of citizen disarmament really DO NOT like being referred to as emasculated cowards who are projecting their own cowardice onto others.

They also do not like being referred to as yellow, infantile, effeminate, or hysterical.  Liberals cannot handle these things (words), hence their never-ending efforts at PC censorship.

It also throws them for a loop when they call you an "NRA person" (or something similar) and you respond with indignation, saying something like "I'd never support such a soft, compromising organization."

They also do not like being asked if they would pick up a gun themselves to kill you if you refused to disarm.

This is not the time to take the traditional conservative position of "calm rationality", or retreating in the face of name calling, ad hominem, or emotional hysteria.

Will our individual efforts count in this?

I don't know.

I do know that this is, as a friend said, the high water mark of citizen disarmament extremists.

They have never been in a better position to push their extremism.

If they can't win here, they will never succeed.  However, if they successfully push home their agenda now, it will be irreversible.

Refuse to play nice.

Not one inch.

Raise the black flag in your verbal dealings with these people.

Use the principles outlined in this piece.

The flag we raise in our interactions now will dictate the ones that will inevitably be raised later.

No quarter to the violators of our homes and firesides.

No quarter to the blood dancers who would use the recent deaths of children to ensure the deaths of more.



  1. I believe that you are right. Its no time to be politely let them run the discussion.

  2. Agreed, we have let them 'control' way too much of the discourse - to the point that too many ostensibly on our side use their terminology ('assault weapons' - or my least favorite 'gun violence').
    We need to draw our line in the sand and say no more. I think one of the best things that Larry Pratt could have done to piersmorgan would have been to laugh in his face. As Brock points out - we need to call them out at any and every opportunity.

    1. Just like Ted Nugent.