Tuesday, December 25, 2012

CA Homeowner Shoots and Kills Armed Home Invader, Wounds 2 Others as Children Have Sleepover

Via Cousin John

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A homeowner in Sacramento is being treated for non life threatening wounds after successfully fighting off 3 armed home invaders who tried to attack his home last night.

The homeowner grabbed a weapon after 3 armed men tried to break into the home, and opened fire.
The homeowner was shot by one of the suspects, but he managed to shoot all 3 suspects. One of the shot suspects died at the scene and the other 2 are being detained by police as they try to figure out exactly what happened.

Residents say there were children in the home at the time of the attempted home invasion. There may have been a children’s slumber party going on at the time of the attack.

Editor’s note: We are thankful that the homeowner was fast acting and armed or we could be talking about a mass murder of children at a slumber party today.


  1. Check the facts. The shootout was in 2009 and the homeowner had NO kids sleeping over. Get the facts and spread less lies.

    1. Try comprehending the King's English,dumbshit.

      3 wounded, one intruder dead in Sacramento home invasion
      Police: Homeowner exchanged gunfire with intruders
      UPDATED 2:35 PM PST Dec 23, 2012

      Several frantic parents showed up to the crime scene to find the street shut down for the investigation.

      One man who did not want to be identified said his 12-year-old had spent the night at the house and was there when the shooting took place.


    2. Dec 2012, 2009. Eh, what's a year or three when you disagree with someone's point of view. Or circumstances. Or facts. Hey, Iguana, the shooting clearly took place 12/22/12, just like the news reports state. What was that? Oh yeah; get that facts and spread less lies, asshole.

    3. Thak you Iguana Toad for proving once again the ignorance, incompetence,bias and pigheadedness that infects libtard pantywaists who lie awake at night in deathly fear of inanimate hunks of metal.....called guns.Crawl back under your
      rock douchebag

    4. They are all the same. It would be funny if it wasn't so serious.