Friday, January 18, 2013

A draft letter for your Pastor

Via Peter


When do you intend to declare where you stand on this gun grab issue?

The simple fact is that those people in Washington intend to take away firearms from every American. Regardless of which path they choose, it’s a declaration of war against America by this Government.

You have firearms owners within this congregation. Lots of them. You have law enforcement in this congregation.

If this whole thing proceeds forward, then everyone will have to choose where they stand. Those who wear a badge will have to choose whether to honor their oaths or obey their orders. People like me will have to decide when, where, and against whom we fight and whether to play defense or go on offense.

As the pastor you have the unenviable task of being the undershepherd to this church and delivering God’s word. You have to take a stand and speak what you think is true and right whether anyone supports you or not. But as the leader, you do not have the luxury to just wait and see. 

We are headed towards a showdown about restrictions on government and the rights of the people. About who’s in charge and who is the servant. About whether government is our servant or our master. About whether we’re citizens or subjects. And these are truly talking irreconcilable viewpoints here. There is no middle ground where we should be compelled to accept partial slavery here. There is no middle ground where we should be compelled to accept a little more tyranny. If there were, then we should all be British subjects and the founders would have all swung from the gallows.


  1. A very proud moment for me indeed. My dad, James E Austin, deceased WWII veteran was born in Beaufort, North Carolina. He would be proud of his brothers today in Beaufort and all of North Carolina. God Bless the Republic and the great State of North Carolina.

    33 Parallel n

    1. Sorry I posted the above comment under the wrong post

      33P n

  2. Although I am a believer I haven't attended a church in year's now. The preacher's around here are one or the other : They are stiff suit's who act like robot's OR they grab hold of a stranger at first meeting , and want to cast the " Devil's " out of him . They can do what I do : make my own way.

    1. They can do what I do : make my own way.

      Same here.