Friday, January 18, 2013

Texas AG ad targets N.Y. gun owners

Via Cousin Bill


Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is inviting New Yorkers who aren’t pleased by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new gun regulations to move to his home state to keep their Second Amendment rights.

A series of Web ads were launched Wednesday, popping up across screens on various media websites accessed in Manhattan and Albany, including that of The New York Times, reported the Austin American-Statesman. The ads are paid for with Abbott’s campaign operation Texans for Greg Abbott and promise the uninfringed right to bear arms as well as lower taxes and more money for ammo.

One particular Facebook ad reads:

“Here in Texas, you will have the liberty and the opportunity to achieve your dreams. On top of that, we have no income tax, yet still manage to have a multi-billion dollar budget surplus.

“We have right to work laws and a reasonable regulatory environment. Texas has created more than 275,000 jobs in the last year alone! And we’ll fight like hell to protect your rights.

“You’ll also get to keep more of what you earn and use some of that extra money to buy more ammo.
“I hope to see you soon in Texas. In the meantime, sign up to show your support for our second amendment rights.”

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  1. Why in hell anybody still chooses to live there is beyond me . The last time I made that run west from Albany out thru the Mohawk valley I could`nt believe how depressed it's getting.

    1. Why in hell anybody still chooses to live there is beyond me.