Friday, January 18, 2013

NBC Poll: Public Blames Parents, Hollywood Over Guns for Violence


Americans place more blame for mass shootings on parents and Hollywood than they do on guns, a surprising new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll reveals.

Asked how much responsibility several choices might bear for the shootings that have taken place in Tucson, Ariz.; Aurora, Colo.; and Newtown, Conn., guns came in fifth.

The top choice was “parents not paying enough attention to what is going on in their children’s lives” — 83 percent said that was “a great deal” or a “good amount” responsible. Only 4 percent said “none at all.”

The second choice, selected by 82 percent as “a great deal”
or “a good amount,” was “the lack of effective treatment for mental illness.”

Next came “the amount of media coverage of mass shootings,” at 67 percent.

Fourth was “movies, television programs, and video games that portray violence and violent behavior,” chosen by 62 percent.

Tied for fifth place at 59 percent each was “assault and military-style firearms being legal to purchase,” and “the availability of high capacity ammunition clips.”

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