Saturday, January 26, 2013

"A regular water pistol should be enough."

Via comment by Anonymous on Reviewers screw with Obama's drone toy 

How dare you!

A water pistol is a "semi-automatic"! Just keep pulling the deadly trigger and the WEAPON will continue to fire until empty. Recently a child on SSRI's was able to soak an entire class of first graders WITHOUT RELOADING EVEN ONCE! Before his arrest, the SWAT team was able to determine the DEADLY WEAPON still contained enough soaking agent to take out half of the second grade class, too!

We need to limit children to SINGLE SHOT water pistols! We need to designate individual dye colors for each child's water pistol so the criminal can be easily identified. We need to pass laws so that younger brothers and sisters cannot gain access to these weapons. We need to establish the death penalty for any child convicted of possession of a full automatic/semi-automatic water gun and we must ensure that being rich or well connected to politicians does not exempt one from the penalties of possession - we cannot afford to play favorites with this.

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