Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nashville Expo Center/Tennessee State Fairgrounds Notice

Via Cousin Bill


The 160th  Special Operations Aviation Regiment headquartered at Fort Campbell Kentucky will be doing a training operation utilizing helicopters on Monday evening January 28th and Tuesday evening January 29th at the Nashville Expo Center/Tennessee State Fairgrounds around the Brown’s Creek flood plain area. 

We wanted to notify you in order to avoid any concerns that an emergency situation was occurring in the neighborhood.  The operation is to train members of the unit in tactics they would use in the event of an urban area deployment.  It should begin around 8:00 p.m. AND LAST ABOUT AN HOUR. 

Kristi L. Harris
Assistant to the Director - Buck Dozier
Nashville Expo Center/Tennessee State Fairgrounds

Home of the  Nashville Flea Market at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds!


  1. Yeh,We have been seeing Ah-64(D) LONGBOW sqwadrons with chinooks for 4-5 weeks between Ft Knox and Louisville I'v also seen 2 AC-130s under 5000ft AGL in the last month. They have gone into a VERY intense training cycle.

  2. "Urban area deployment." Maybe I have really lived too long. Glad we're not still living in Hermitage TN, which we left 20 years ago March 1. Hope Old Hickory's rest isn't disturbed, but he did his share of urban deployment to get the pesky Redskins under control. Heh.

    1. My cousin sent me a tape a short while ago from downtown Miami that had automatic weapons fire and a couple of unidentified helicopters that looked like Loaches to me, but it was dark and they must have been something different.