Tuesday, January 15, 2013

February NC LS Gathering in Peletier



NC LS members in northeastern North Carolina have organized a gathering of members and guests at the T&W Oyster House in Peletier on Saturday, 23 February, at 6PM.  NC LS State Chair Bernhard Thuersam will speak on past, current and future NC LS political activities, initiating local grassroots political activism, and electing State-focused representatives who will oppose unconstitutional federal encroachments into State matters. The T&W Oyster House  is located at 2383 Highway 58, near Swansboro/Cape Carteret. Many thanks to NC LS member Tim Norman for spearheading this meeting, and creating what may become an NC LS Chapter in northeastern North Carolina.


  1. Few can imagine the thrill I experienced in reading the phrase "oyster house." You know you've been inland too long when ... Ah, to be on the Eastern Shore in a month with an R.

    1. :) Actually they call it an Oyster Bar though it's more than that.