Tuesday, January 15, 2013

No Quarter Will Be Given


Some are calling me crazy, dangerous, or worse, as a result of my recent posts [here and here].  Well, opinions be damned, for we are in need of the truth!  What I have written since the new year is nothing new - I have been abundantly clear over the past two years about what we faceI am a Citizen Soldier of my Republic, and I know what duty demands of me.  As part of that duty, I have been vigorously ringing the alarm bell for some time, in the hopes that we might turn the tide without violence, or at least that none of my fellow countrymen might be lost due to ignorance.

I have written before about what is coming, and what we must do.  I have outlined the possible financial scenarios [collapse and/or intentional disruption] and I suggest that you read them both carefully, to understand what the full implications are – foreign wars, the Global Financial Collapse/federal insolvency, and the threat of Radical Islamists in our own country are real and growing – they are in fact being cultivated by those who require chaos to inflict fundamental transformation upon us.  The timing is fluid, but the end results are plain to see.  When everything breaks, there will be no safe place, as I have previously stated.

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