Thursday, January 3, 2013

J&G Update


Most of you have heard of the panic buying that has been occurring since proposed gun control legislation has been discussed daily on the news. We wanted to try to keep our customers informed of what we see going on from our end, both bad and good.

First the BAD:

1. There are extensive shortages of several key items. Products that may be banned are often no longer in stock, such as mags over 10rds for AR-15, AK-47, popular pistols, and ammo in key calibers. The urge to stock up on these items continues to be very strong and we are unsure what supply will be like in the future. Manufacturers may not be able to keep up, some stating that future supplies will be limited for quite some time, especially on AR and AK rifles and magazines.

2. Prices are going up. This is a fact of life during shortages due to increased demand and short supply. If you browse gun auction websites you will see the value of items climbing daily. Luckily most of the prices at J&G Sales have not changed and remain stable, although some items have increased, or will soon. The increased prices are due to several factors, including:

A. Suppliers who have increased our costs when we order replacement stock.
B. Suppliers no longer importing or producing certain items at all, making what is currently available no longer replaceable and increasing its value.
C. Some price increases to allow items to be available to more people over a longer period, preventing a few resellers from buying everything.

Now the GOOD:

1. Many suppliers are ramping up production to try to get product to the dealers to restock as soon as possible. We are expecting AR-15 mags to continue coming in, as well as handgun mags, and ammo. Shipments will probably be smaller than previously, as manufacturers try to spread around the supply and not ship it all to only one or two dealers. Gun production is more difficult to increase, and many manufacturers were already running close to full capacity before the rush. We do expect more domestically produced guns, although AR style rifles will probably be available only in small batches. Unfortunately, we do not expect a steady supply of AK style rifles for some time.

2. Prices seem to be stabilizing a bit, although they will continue to be extremely volatile depending on the details of new legislation, and on continued word from manufacturers regarding future availability.

In summary, we hope these times will pass and enough government representatives will remember their oaths of office and keep our freedom intact. We at J&G plan to stick it out for the long haul and continue to supply our customers into the future. We pledge to you that we will not cave to outside societal pressure and will stay loyal to you and continue selling lawful items to law abiding citizens.

We appreciate your support and loyalty and wish you all a peaceful and blessing filled 2013.


Join with other gun owners and let your voice be heard, feel free to check out groups such as the NRA, Firearms Coalition, JPFO, or Gunowners Of America and pick the one you like. Click here to see about joining the NRA: Click here for Firearms Coalition or visit Gunowners of America at and see JPFO at
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  1. I doubt I'll ever do busines with the J&G Sales again.


    1. What happened? I haven't had any trouble before.

    2. One of my buds had issues too, well before the current panic. It ended well but the simple process was painful and took well over a month to resolve. Documentation needed to be sent again and again and it seemed they didn't know their butt from their elbow. Never again..