Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DHS Supplier Sells Targets of American Gun Owners



Law Enforcement Targets, Inc., a 21 year designer and full service provider of training targets for thousands of law enforcement agencies throughout the country, including the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department, is now providing a line of “No More Hesitation” targets. What is so unusual about these targets? They are of a “pregnant woman threat,” “older man with shotgun,” “older man in home with shotgun,” “older woman with gun,” “young school aged girl,” “young mother on playground,” and “little boy with real gun.”

According to the the website these targets are “”designed to give officers the experience of dealing with deadly force shooting scenarios with subjects that are not the norm during training.” The targets are, “meant to help the transition for officers who are faced with these highly unusual targets for the first time.”


  1. Notice that EVERY target represents a caucasion. Most are depicted in their homes...What are they trying to say here? How would they feel if I produced a series of targets depicting elected officials, and LEOs? This along with many other "signs" makes me ever more uneasy.

    1. a series of targets depicting elected officials, and LEOs?

      Now that is an idea.

  2. I sent them an E-mail MF'ing their anti-American targets. Will it do any good ? Probably not. But it made me feel good.


  3. For a long time now my favorite poem has been this by John Berryman. On first reading, I thought, yes, that is surely coming. Notice especially "more Roadmaker to Hell than King." Who will be our Leopold of Belgium?

    "Leopold had long had a difficult and contentious relationship with his ministers, acting independently of government influence whenever possible, and seeking to circumvent and even limit the ministers' powers, while expanding his own.[1] Wikipedia.

    Remind you of anybody in DC?

    "The Moon and the
    Night and the Men"

    On the night of the Belgian surrender the moon rose
    Late, a delayed moon, and a violent moon
    For the English or the American beholder;
    The French beholder. It was a cold night,
    People put on their wraps, the troops were cold
    No doubt, despite the calendar, no doubt
    Numbers of refugees coughed, and the sight
    Or sound of some killed others. A cold night.
    On Outer Drive there was an accident:
    A stupid well-intentioned man turned sharp
    Right and abruptly he became an angel
    Fingering an unfamiliar harp,
    Or screamed in hell, or was nothing at all.
    Do not imagine this is unimportant.
    He was a part of the night, part of the land,
    Part of the bitter and exhausted ground
    Out of which memory grows.

    Michael and I
    Stared at each other over chess, and spoke
    As little as possible, and drank and played.
    The chessmen caught in the European eye,
    Neither of us I think had a free look
    Although the game was fair. The move one made
    It was difficult at last to keep one's mind on.
    'Hurt and unhappy' said the man in London.
    We said to each other, The time is coming near
    When none shall have books or music, none his dear,
    And only a fool will speak aloud his mind.
    History is approaching a speechless end,
    As Henry Adams said. Adams was right.

    All this occurred on the night when Leopold
    Fulfilled the treachery four years before
    Begun – or was he well-intentioned, more
    Roadmaker to hell than king? At any rate,
    The moon came up late and the night was cold,
    Many men died – although we know the fate
    Of none, nor of anyone, and the war
    Goes on, and the moon in the breast of man is cold.

    I hope this doesn't bore your readers Brock. When a WW II poem feels so right for this time it really speaks to me. Our leaders are caving in to every enemy attack, as did King Leopold, who surrendered to the Germans even though he lacked authority to do so.

    1. Thanks. I had never read that. My favorite is The Highwayman:


      By the way, did you receive my email thanking you for the knife?

  4. Yes, I did. I have been hesitant about responding because my wife and daughter are at her house today preparing for me to move in as her first assisted living customer. My last service to the family. Well, I should be able to ride the electric wheel chair a block to the Cinema Grill for a burger and a movie, and even to the infamous Century 16, which won't happen.

    Whack off a healthy hunk of that next grilled hog at PATCON and eat it for me. I'll be there in spirit only.

    1. Now,now you promised and the guest room is waiting.:)