Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jine' the cavalry! ( Constitutional Security Force)


Here’s the list of requirements to join.
1) You must be a law abiding citizen
2) You must be an American Citizen
3) You must swear an OATH the protect and defend the constitutions as written on this date (2/14/2013) (any changes to the constitution regarding ANY INFRINGEMENT against the 2nd amendment, the right to keep and bear arms or the constitution itself SHALL NOT BE RECOGNIZED BY THE (CONSTITUTIONAL SECURITY FORCE) in anyway (it is our NATURAL RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS one not granted by any government).
4) You must comply with all bylaws (To be announced shortly)
5) You must not belong to or support ANY organization that goes against humanity, race, or religion, (PERIOD).


  1. Well #2 then excludes any patriotic legal residents.
    Such is the pity.
    I will then have to form a parallel Patriotic Legal Alien security force.

    1. Patriotic Legal Alien security force

      Sounds good to me!:)

  2. #5 tells me they're still too afraid of being called "racists" to stand up for the RELIGION and CULTURE that created everything they're supposedly defending.

    1. I guess they need to explain what "goes against humanity" means.

  3. Screw that. I hate muslims with every fiber of my being.

    To join their club of Constitution defenders, I have to swear an oath then break it in order to infringe on the 1st Amendment by telling someone who they can and cannot associate with?

    It looks like they need to re-think their mission statement.

    1. Islam isn't a religion, so feel free to hate.:)