Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gentlemen/Ladies of Eastern North Carolina,

Hope you are all planning to attend the gathering this Saturday in Pelletier at the T&W Oyster House, 6PM.

Tim Norman indicates that we’ll have a good turnout of area members as well as interested persons, please do invite friends and family as we intend to have a good discussion of why the League exists, what the goals of the NC LS are, and why we bother to question the dismal state of political affairs in our State and this country.  One of the most important reasons we in the NC LS pursue our goal of a sovereign North Carolina is to pass along the American inheritance of political liberty to our children, and grandchildren.  No cause is better than this.

As you have no doubt seem from our frequent NC LS newsletters we are politically active in North Carolina and last year unveiled our first candidate profile for those running for political office across the State. This has received much attention as news outlets and both parties are aware of our traditional conservative political positions.  We stress that we are not a Southern heritage group, the NC LS is a political action organization that pursues the above-stated goals.  We also ally with others in NC like Tenth Amendment and immigration reform groups who share our views and pursue similar ends.  Again, if you know of people who would be interested in our efforts, no matter if they would join the NC LS or not, please let them know we welcome them.

Expect an interesting evening and good discussion, please bring your ideas to discuss and I am interested in how you view and rate your local and State elected officials, and how we might positively influence them politically in the future.  I look forward to seeing and meeting you there!  Feel free to call me with any questions or thoughts.

For Southern Independence!
Bernhard Thuersam, State Chair
North Carolina, LS

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