Saturday, March 16, 2013

Colt shuts down production, buses workers to CT legislature to protest threat to 400 jobs

Via Angry Mike


ver since Sandy Hook, there has been a coordinated effort in the polimedia (liberal politicians and media are the same these days, bouncing back and forth with jobs between the two fields) to gin up hysteria about firearms and use language to keep people emotional.

The purposeful intent it to keep the citizenry from coming down from their emotional roller coaster to think about the constitutionality of gun control, the warnings against it from the Founders, and the crime statistics that overwhelming prove that the “solutions” the polimedia are trying to push through are about protecting the polimedia from the people, and nothing else.

When pressed, each and every time polimedia have admitted that the laws they are pushing would not stop the next Columbine, Aurora, or Sandy Hook. They aren’t designed to. The unconstitutional laws being pushed by the political left were created to prevent the next Lexington and Concord. They don’t want their intolerable acts challenged. Thus tyrants have always operated.

The President of Colt Manufacturing shut down his plant yesterday to protest the witch hunt in Connecticut:

The president of one of the nation’s oldest gun manufacturers closed down his Connecticut factory Thursday morning and bused 400 of his workers to the state Capitol so they could personally urge lawmakers not to pass gun control legislation that they say could risk their livelihoods.


  1. Signs, chants and begging won't get the POS politicians to comply with their oath. Only justifiable violence against their tyranny will have positive results.

    Drag one of the assholes out of his .gov office and string him/her up. There are few other solutions.

    1. I'm sure Hussein is hoping something like that happens.

    2. Well, at what time do the serfs quit bending over and grabbing their ankles ?

    3. When it's too late, I imagine.

  2. I haven't kept up with Colt Firearms since the 90s. Last I knew Colt had been purchased by an Iraqi Jew and had stopped most civilian sales of firearms. As of late I have noticed that new Colt pistols are to be had, but I don't know any more concerning what went with the owners of Colt Firearms concerning today.

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  3. You see?
    I don't see!

    I wanna see!
    You show me what to see?

    Like what happened to Colt over the last few years?

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur