Saturday, March 16, 2013

Southern nationalists shock ‘Frederick Douglass Republicans’ at CPAC

Elspeth Reeve writes in a recent article for the Left-wing journal The Atlantic about how shocked she was after hearing and meeting some actual Southern nationalists at CPAC, the annual gathering near Washington, DC of Republican officials and conservative activists. Matthew Heimbach, the founder of the Towson University White Student Union (TUWSU) and a frequent guest on the SNN podcast, and some fellow TUWSU members were on hand for a panel led by two Black men (brothers, in fact) from Birmingham, Alabama. These two, who self-identify as ‘Frederick Douglass Republicans’ and praised Douglass’ strong support for Abraham Lincoln, spoke about what they see as the need for the GOP to adopt more anti-White policies and recruit more non-Whites.

They also repeatedly attacked Southern Democrats of the past (which, of course, include the likes of Thomas Jefferson, John C Calhoun, Robert Barnwell Rhett, Jefferson Davis, Wade Hampton, etc). They also used the tired and defeatist line that ‘liberals are the true racists’ – which accepts and even re-enforces the notion of ‘racism.’ Heimbach and his friends raised the point that what the brothers were advocating was essentially reaching out to others at the expense of Southern Whites (who presently make up the base of the Republican Party).

Reeve’s account of the event is well worth reading, if only to understand her mentality. For example, she refers to Heimbach in the article as a ‘troll.’ She also labels the TUWSU members as ‘actual segregationists’ and at one point Reeve notes, ‘The white people applauded, making me somewhat uncomfortable.’

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